Shay’s autobiography is out and not to be missed

The stories, the craic, the insights are usually kept for one on ones with a player of Shay’s status, but in his autobiography, he lets the cat or rather the litter of cats out of the bag. It covers Shay’s beginnings in Ireland to his homesick days at Glasgow Celtic to his triumphs and pains as a footballer whose seen more Premiership managers than ANY OTHER player in the league. So to say, there’s a story or two to tell is an understatement. Get the book for yourself and you’ll not regret it as it gives you insight into Shay as a person as well as a footballer. You’ll laugh and cry at the brutal honesty and openness rarely given by any footballer of our times.

Shay: Any Given Saturday – The Autobiography (FREE Shipping in UK)

Shay – Any Given Saturday: Kindle Edition

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