Shay says Goodbye to 21 years as a player with the Republic of Ireland

“Who would’ve imagined I’d play 20 years for Ireland” said Shay yesterday when asked about his 20 year and 134 caps for Ireland. Ireland did all they could against France, with them going a goal up within 3 minutes, thanks to Pogba taking down Shane Long for a 1:0 lead for Ireland against France. In the end, France had ‘Griezmann’ to rely on, who scored from a header first, followed up by run through on goal for the second, to send Ireland home without the dream of reaching the next stage of the competition, but in fairness, France’s quality was quite overwhelming. Ireland in fairness surprised in the first-half with their early lead and gave us all something to hope for.

Shay has been proud and glad to give Ireland over 20 years of service and will miss playing for his country, who says himself “There’s no greater honour, than playing for your country”. Who would’ve thought a man from Lifford would’ve spent 20 years of his life doing that? Well done Shay. You’ll be missed!

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