“Allez les Verts!” France goes Green with …?

It’s time for France to turn Green for a while, with thousands of Irish fans making their was to the European Championship, and as of yesterday evening, Shay has been confirmed as part of the squad traveling to the land of cheese and wine. If you’ve ever been at a France game, you’ll hear the French shout “Allez les Blues”, so I almost think, we could now shout back “Allez les Verts”, or even “Allez Vert” for short. 🙂 Shay made it through the build-up game with Belarus without incident, except that the Irish team didn’t perhaps expect Belarus to walk away with a 1:2 victory over the Irish, in their final buildup game before their first game against Sweden on the 13th of June. More details to the chosen squad can be gleaned here.

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