Shay back in training, hoping for games and they might come sooner than expected!

Shay’s two weeks back in full-training, but already the opportunity to play again ‘might be’ opening up for him again. First Jack Butland gets carried off with a fractured ankle against World Champions Germany, where England gave a rousing second-half performance to defeat Germany 2:3 on their home soil. It was a sobering night for the Germans who thought the 2:0 was comfortable, but England and in particular Kane (Tottenham Hotspur FC) and Vardy (Leicester City) scoring classy goals, with Vardy’s particularly lighting up the Berlin sky and giving Germans the question “Wer ist Jamie Vardy?”. 🙂 Then Ireland plays a friendly against Slovakia and Rob Elliot gets carried off, leaving him doubtful for the European Championships. Nobody wants to see a fellow professional carried off the field and Shay will not have enjoyed the sight of Butland or Elliot being carried off in their respective games, but the other side of the coin, is that it affords others a crack at the whip. Whether Shay gets the nod for Stoke and then for Rep. of Ireland remains to be seen, but it gives him reason to hope for a reinstatement. If Shay stays fit, he’ll be chomping at the bit to get back into action. Shay was carried off himself against Germany, so will totally understand how Jack Butland will feel, as Butland would’ve had his sights on France just as much as Shay would. Let’s see how it all pans out, but we at hope Shay does get a chance to figure in France in the Summer, so perhaps one man’s pain, could be anothers gain.

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