Shay back in the Ireland squad and loving it again!

After almost 2 years absence from the Irish National team, Shay has been re-drafted under Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane before the vital qualifying game against Georgia on Sunday. Will Shay get to travel and perhaps even play in what will then be in 127th time for Ireland after playing a minor role last night in the 2:0 victory over Oman ‘minnows’ in Dublin? It’s fair to say that Shay had ‘nothing to do’ last night, so it wasn’t a great ‘showpiece’ of his ability but Roy Keane and Martin O’Neill will have seen him in training and some Aston Villa pre-season games and seen probably enough to convince them there’s plenty of life left in Shay and his career. Here a some of the media snippets from Shay’s reappearance to the Irish cause:

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