Shay’s Dad sees his potential way early on… according to Kenny Dalglish

Kenny Dalglish: “I remember speaking to his dad, who told me he’d be a top-class goalkeeper. We felt he had a chance of achieving that,” Dalglish said.

“His dad must have been an even better judge than us, because he was exactly right. He saw Shay’s potential earlier than we did. At that point we only thought he had a chance, his dad knew he’d make it and told us so. “Shay was absolutely brilliant for Newcastle for a long, long time,” “He was brilliant when I was there and he was brilliant long after I’d gone. He’s a legend at Newcastle. I don’t think any manager could ever complain about his effort or performances. He’s honest, genuine and straightforward. He’s lively around the training ground too, he loves joining in the banter.”

Full story here from THE INDEPENDENT

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