Tragic loss of a friend

To say Gary Speed’s death is a tragedy would be an understatement. To say it affects Shay is also an understatement. To say that Gary and Shay were together during their Newcastle days is also not the whole story. They have had a vibrant friendship till Sunday morning. We will perhaps never come to know what went on inside Gary’s mind but no matter what the reasons were, it will remain a tragedy for Gary and all who knew him, especially his family and close friends. It’s very heart wrenching to witness this happening. A nightmare that anyone would want to wake up from and know it was all just a dream. 🙁

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  1. ann sterrett on

    An awful tragedy, even though I have been a manchester united supporter for over 50 years I really respected Gary even though he played for the enemy Leeds!He was onr of the good guys.

  2. David Carr on

    I’m a Newcastle fan and was crying with you on Sunday, Shay. I know the game was irrelevant and difficult considering the circumstances but you played and kept a keen sheet. You’re the tops, Shay. R.I.P. Gary.