Joe Hart “It goes without saying that Shay is too good to be a number two ‘keeper.”

Joe Hart speaking about his relationship with Shay says “I’ve loved every minute of working with Shay…
…I have spoken to him a few times since we have been out here checking that everything is all right and keeping him updated, because he’s been a massive part of this squad. If he walked into our training camp now, faces would light up, including mine, because he’s a big character, and he’s a great goalkeeper with what he has done in the game and watching him and working with him has really helped my game. He’s taught me all sorts.”

“We’re fighting for one position and we totally understand that but we are not fighting each other, we are fighting to catch the manager’s eye. I had a situation before where the manager (Mark Hughes) chose him ahead of me and then this manager has changed it round.

“Shay’s been different class. I can’t speak highly enough of him. He’s been helpful on and off the field. I hope he does well.

“It goes without saying that Shay is too good to be a number two ‘keeper.  

“And an old manager of mine – Alex McLeish – will be over the moon.”








5 thoughts on “Joe Hart “It goes without saying that Shay is too good to be a number two ‘keeper.”

  1. David Carr on

    Nice words from Joe Hart. You can see who taught him that one on one saving technique for sure!!

  2. I think it’s very honest of Joe to say those things and give credit to Shay even for his own development in the game.

  3. Dan Sheerin on

    First-class comments from Joe Hart.

    As one of Shay’s biggest American fans, I’m greatly looking forward to seeing him back on the pitch for Aston Villa!

    My son is also a goalkeeper here in the USA — and both his father’s and his mother’s family hailed from Donegal … indeed, his grandmother is a Bonner. Here are some videos of him playing / training:

  4. Hello,

    My name’s Mitch Waddon and I work for SquareFootball, a football website. With the new season coming up we would love to be able to do an interview with you and give our audience the pleasure of getting some of their questions answered. Obviously we are aware that you are very busy with the new season starting soon, but if you would consider us then that would be fantastic.

    Many thanks,


  5. Send us a few questions and we’ll see what we can do. Although we’re on holiday till September.