The press are saying the curtain is closing on a deal with…

… Villa. It seems if everything that’s written is believed, that Shay is on his way to Aston Villa. What do you think? A good move for Shay? Would you agree?

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  1. A good move? Yes. Villa have become a club consistently fighting it out for best position just below the top four marker in the Premier League (even last season, after the traumas of Martin O’Neill’s abrupt walk-out, Gerard Houllier’s health problems and a brief flirtation with the relegation zone, Villa still managed to finish 9th).

    Given will get to play first team football on a regular basis, and the defence playing in front of him will should be an improvement on the one playing in front of Brad Friedel last season, in terms of more effective defensive coaching under Alex McLeish and/or new personnel.

  2. David Carr on

    Definitely a good move. Look forward to seeing you in action again soon, Shay.

  3. Should be a great move, as long as Aston Villa dont sell the rest of their team.
    Your a great goalkeeper shay good luck!