City fans say thanks to Shay via the Internet… but he’s not gone yet is he?

“One player who i do hope gets a club sorted. Has never let us down, never slated us has just got on with things. Yes I know he gets paid well but he has conducted himself in a manner others should look at and follow.” More here…

  1. Good luck Shay in every game you play, apart from those against City !
  2. Great keeper, good luck shay!
  3. I would have loved Given to stay and battle on with Hart. But I can also understand him moving for a regular place for his last 2-3 years. despite some early sniping after Hart got the vote, I think Given has been a good sportsman to the club.
  4. A good goal keeper who needs first team football so as to maintain his international status, a shame to see him go (if he does.) Always liked the guy & he really helped build the foundations of the “new” City. £3.5m (if true) bargain buy for Villa.
  5. If you go, good luck Shay. Great bloke; great keeper.
  6. No issue with letting Shay move on, he’s always done his best for us and acted professionally during his stay.
  7. I wonder how Hart will perform now that he’s got Shay off his back? I feel he was dodgy for England against Switzerland in the last game. Shay didn’t deserve to sit on the bench the whole season. I felt Manchini could’ve handled the situation better. I would’ve liked Shay to have moved to Arsenal. He’ll get to play of course at Villa which will secure his starting in the Irish 11 but will he win something? Answers on a postcard to… 🙂
  8. Thought he might have played more games last season. Still, he kept his dignity, didn’t slag us off and got on with it. he deserves a good move, perhaps better than Vila right now, who are a mess.
  9. Thanks, Shay, you were good for us, and best wishes for the future.
  10. Was a great signing and always played well for City I wish him well and hope he has a great season except when he plays us.
  11. Pity.
  12. Of all the ‘Hughes’ signings that we have to shift out, this is the one I would have liked to have seen as the last, not the first!
  13. A man of good grace and a real professional…..which is more than we can say for most of Hughes whingers! (Despite the fact they are earning fortunes for doing nothing!)
  14. We will have to splash the cash to ensure we have a worthy backup to Joe, should he get injured or lose form….as one thing’s for sure, we ain’t got that when Shay leaves!
  15. I hope we can fund a good replacement with whatever we get for selling him and I hope whoever ends up buying doesn’t get him on the cheap. Every team needs 2 quality goalies these days so I hope we’ve got someone in mind.
  16. Great keeper ! Good luck.
  17. Good luck shay consummate professional and deserves to go out at the highest level
  18. Sorry you are leaving SHAY you have GIVEN allot for this club THANKS AND GOOD LUCK
  19. Top ‘keeper, and top bloke. I think of all the players who have left recently, or are on the verge of leaving, he is one of the only ones who will get a genuinely warm welcome when we play against him.
  20. Best of luck Shay, and thank you.

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