Villa close on £4m Shay deal

According to The Sun, Aston Villa are very close to bringing Shay to Birmingham but you never know what’s really going on till it’s out in the open. What are your thoughts? Good to move on?

3 thoughts on “Villa close on £4m Shay deal

  1. jack houston on

    yes, shay needs to be playin in every match he can. i still dont understand how he didnt get on in front of joe hart who, in my opinion, is nothing special. good luck whatever you do shay!

  2. David Carr on

    From a footballing point of view I think it would be a fantastic move for Shay as he would be guaranteed first team football. Aston Villa are a decent club with a good history. If Shay is to take a considerable pay decrease, as noted in the press, then that is the measure of the man! He’s putting his football first!

  3. Alfie on

    I’m a villa fan and am glad shay has joined. But he must really regret leaving Newcastle he was a god there