Will he splash the cash and bring Shay to London?

It’s a question I (Editor) get asked repeatedly concerning Shay and that’s “Why doesn’t Arsene Wenger sign Shay and end his goalkeeping troubles at Arsenal?”. I personally believe it’s a question of finance and having to balance the books at Arsenal which perhaps doesn’t give Mr. Wenger the freedom to spend a significant amount on a ‘proven’ goalkeeper. He hopes to find one without spending the millions. It’s not that Arsene Wenger wouldn’t like Shay to be his new goalkeeper, I think it’s a financial issue that blocks it becoming a reality.

If Arsenal are going to spend something it’s more likely that it’ll be on an outfield player, but YOU NEVER KNOW, do you? There is also the question of whether City would sell to their London rivals, but if City can buy from Arsenal, surely it must be possible to get things going the other way too?

It’s a wait and see time. The speculation continues and we are victim to it as much as Shay himself is.

One thought on “Will he splash the cash and bring Shay to London?

  1. jack houston on

    lookin forward to seein you in action again shay, tell mancini he’s a stupid eejit from yours truly