Shay receiving treatment for his shoulder in hospital

We don’t have any word yet as to the seriousness of Shay’s injury. We hope it’s nothing horrendous and that he recovers soon. Get well soon Shay! Any comments for Shay will be published here.

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  1. Aidan on

    Get well soon shay! Best keeper in the premier league by a lifford country mile

  2. Naomi on

    Get better soon Shay,

    Naomi ROI & Arsenal fan

  3. Malachy Allen on

    Hi Shay

    Sorry to see you in so much pain on Saturday in the game against Arsenal. Hope your injury isn’t too serious and I can’t wait for you to come back.

    Malachy ( aged 5)

  4. David Carr on

    Get well soon Shay! Saw the way you fell while making that awkward save! All the best, DC

  5. Dragana on

    Hi Shay,

    hope we get an update on your injury soon and it turns out less severe than it looked! Great save, great game alltogether, sincerely hope you get back in goal soon!

    Dragana, Serbia

  6. I think Dragana, that we’re looking at 12 weeks out of action. His shoulder may need an operation to make sure it doesn’t pop out again, etc. so it will be the end of his season, but he will be back hopefully for the start of next season!

  7. Dragana on

    Thanks for the update. Here’s hoping the recovery is uneventful, and of course best of luck to Nielsen and the rest of the team without Shay!

  8. Martina Murphy on

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Shay. Take it easy over the summer….and feel much better very soon.

  9. Jenny Stapleton on

    Shay , We were all shocked to see you in so much pain there on Saturday . All the gang here send there best wishes to you for a speedy recovery . Take Care .

    Jenny .

  10. Rattie on

    Dear Shay,
    Ouch! Please get well soon. The same thing happened to me, right side, and one year later I still can’t throw properly. I avoided the doctor, so I’m sure you’ll be fine soon enough. Best wishes!

  11. Jon Morgan-Parker on

    Mr Given,
    Sir please get well soon, what an absolute shame for you. You must be very dissapointed?
    I would like to wish you a speedy recovery and good luck in your physio etc….
    Hope to see you back soon, In my opinion you are the best Keeper I have seen for a very long time….and Im not a City fan either. I appreeciate a man who has the hunger and desire to win and to be the best he can in his profession.
    The best of luck in your recovery.

  12. david on

    well i heard your sugery went well with sucess iam clapping with both hands for you i hope your missus been looking after you with cups of tea yes the irish do drink tea you know 🙂