Who says Goalkeepers aren’t worth MILLIONS? Shay saves to beat the mighty Chelsea

‘Man of the Match’ from Sky Sports, but more importantly Shay’s save gave almost 50,000 within the City of Manchester stadium something to really remember and be proud of. What a game. What an atmosphere? It was rock n’ roll stuff. When Shay saved that penalty it was pure bliss all round! 🙂

It seems Shay is starting to make a habit of penalty saves, but what better time to make one, but against the high flying Chelsea to stop them in their tracks and give HUGE wads of hope to everyone connected with Manchester City to finish in the top four after all.

Tevez free-kick was well worked with the Man City line quickly making space for him to shot at and the dummy caught Petr Čech in goals. It seems that some of the Chelsea defence felt he should’ve done better, but when you see it in slow-motion, it was a great trickery from the Man City attackers including Adebayour to get out of the way and leave a huge gap for Tevez to shoot at. Čech saw the shot very late and it had enough pace then to take it into the goal to send the City fans into rapture. Cue mass celebrations everywhere including the Man Utd. fans who have now gained 3 points on Chelsea, so it will be party on in Manchester all round tonight.

I hope that City go on from here to keep winning and putting the valuable 3 points on the board all the way into 2010. What a game to turn away from a series of draws. It seems this team needs BIG opposition to turn on the show? What do you think?

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  1. David Carr on

    Shay is the best keeper in the world for me, he has the best all round game! He very rarely makes mistakes and just goes from strength to strength! I am a Newcastle fan and am really pleased for Shay to be doing so well at City, he really deserves to win something! He wasn’t bad on Question of Sport as well (lol!!) Good luck for the rest of the season, Shay! DC