Liverpool 4:4 Arsenal – Torres has anti-freeze in his veins!

I don’t normally deviate to comment on other games but can’t help myself seeing the goals from the Liverpool 4:4 Arsenal game. The main point of interest for me was Torres and the way he dummied a shot to get himself a yard to the right off the Liverpool defender and crack a goal.

Other strikers would’ve cracked a shot into the Liverpool defence at the first sniff of a chance, but Torres seems to have anti-freeze in his blood to keep him cool despite the pressure and full-house and the race to keep up with Manchester United.

I am impressed with Torres. It seems he can make out of nothing something and there’s not too many doing that in my opinion.

He’s up there with a top 3 strikers in England and therefore the world.

One thought on “Liverpool 4:4 Arsenal – Torres has anti-freeze in his veins!

  1. David Carr on

    Torres is world class – wish he was at Newcastle!! Some great saves in that game too!