Plenty of drama, plent of excitement, no Semi-Final place on a memorable night!

It will be argued that Man City lost the plot in Germany by not pressing for more ‘away goals’ after Stephen Ireland put them ahead within 60 seconds. Yes, it was a mountain to climb and if you consider the fact that the germans got the first goal too in the game last night, it was a mighty comeback and how Man City didn’t get the better of Hamburg is only thanks to the posts and crossbar.

It certainly was the best performance from the word go that I’ve ever seen Man City produce this season.

After the game, it was rightly asked why can’t Man City produce this type of energy every game?

Robinho was tracking back and putting his weight about like never before.

Elano was so fired up that he looked like he was going to go up in flames.

It was sooooooooooooo close to victory but gave a lot of positives not just for this year but also for the remainder of the season and the vital points still up for grabs to give City another UEFA Cup place.

Surely Europe is the place to be? What are your thoughts? Kieran

2 thoughts on “Plenty of drama, plent of excitement, no Semi-Final place on a memorable night!

  1. David Carr on

    I’ve never seen Shay so aggressive and vocal! He’s even modified his ‘get set’ stance – he’s a changed man!! Seriously though, it was bad luck for City, they deserved something for last night’s efforts!


  2. I agree with you there David. He certainly was on fire last night. I could see that this meant a lot to Shay. That was one of the reasons I’m sure he left 11 years of faithful Newcastle Utd service. He wanted to experience Europe again and the veins on his neck were certainly bursting with aggression and drive. It was a night were City could’ve blasted Hamburg out of the Cup. Even the German press were honest enough today to admit that “After Hamburg’s goal, it was all City the whole way”.