“Dunnie’s one of the best” Shay

Shay on Richard Dunne:
“Dunnie is one of the
best centre-halves I have ever played behind and it will be a bit strange to play with him at club level having only done so for Ireland before. He’s a fantastic player.”

Shay in his new Manchester City strip

Shay in his new Manchester City strip

Text Messages:
“He’s dropped me the odd text over the last few days, and it was good to hook up with him. We go back over a few years with the Irish squad and we know each other well.”

On working together:
“I’ll need to get to know the rest of the lads here and work with them as well, but the centre half & goalkeeper is quite an important partnership. Richard and I have played together a lot for Ireland, and hopefully we’ll improve on that as well.”

Shay on Stephen Ireland:
“Stephen has been at the top of his game. He is a fantastic talent. What with Stephen, Richard and myself being here then (Republic boss) Mr Trappatoni may be coming to our stadium a bit more often!”

On being a 32-year old:
“David James is still flying at 38 or 39, he and Brad Friedel probably had the best seasons of their career last year. That gives me encouragement because I feel I am relatively young for a goalkeeper, although I have been around for quite a while.”

“I do feel that the best years are still ahead of me, there’s always room for improvement and that’s what I am aiming for.”

Source: MCFC.co.uk

2 thoughts on ““Dunnie’s one of the best” Shay

  1. Johnny on

    We would have immortalised you. Now youll go to your finish up another nobody. Goodbye shay.

  2. Well, it happened! Saw the first glimpse of Shay in a Man City shirt on tv – VERY weird! He made 4 great saves to ensure a clean sheet – now where have we heard that before! I think Newcastle were robbed by losing Shay for under 10 million! How come City were reputedly prepared to pay £65 million for Buffon and Shay goes for under 10 million?! Something not quite right there!