The message from Toon fans is “Please don’t go Shay!”

Another day and another barage of emails coming in from toon fans saying “Don’t leave Shay, please stay, etc.”

I’m as much in the dark as everyone else so we’ll have to wait and see!

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  1. James on

    PLEASE DONT LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lewy T on

    Don’t leave Shay we need you more than anyone!! Ignore the money from Man City its not the be all and end all. Newcastle is your home!!!!!!!! PS. Man City are smaller than us!!!!

  3. Lewis on

    You may not win trophies here but you have the most dedicated fans in the world behind you here and we all love you here!!! Shay Given is the best goalkeeper in the world in my opinion.

  4. Rita Copas on

    Being Irish and being a big Newcastle Fan, please dont go Shay. The Geordies love you and from going over and back to Newcastle for the past number of years, standing proudly with my tri colour with your name on it I have seen first hand what they think of you there. I will be heartbroken but if I am thinking with my head and not my heart I cant stand in your way. Good luck whatever you decide.
    “There’s only 1 Shay Given”

  5. Michael Brown on

    Please, stay in Newcastle. Once you’ve said you’d have liked to finish your career here. So, you can write your name in hearts of Geordies. Don’t leave, please…

  6. gary jamieson on

    shay please dont leave newcastle we need you you are one of the best players we have.we love you if you go it will be the darkest day in newcastle

  7. Johnny on

    Man city will throw the cash around, maybe win something, then fade away because they have no substance. Please Shay, stay with us and become an institution in the club that will always love you. Man city will use you and then just toss you out. Please stay Shay.

  8. Shay good as gone even if not to man city. newcastle will end up like leeds away end at man city half empty. Big club big laugh.

    Biggest joke in the premiership and even your best player on the night was an ex blue.

    Why the hell would shay want to endure more seasons of tosh as he is better than the club.