Rumours flying again… but Shay will stay!?

We’re getting a lot of traffic these to the site and I guess folks are wondering as much as we are… “Is there any truth to be had in all the rumours?”. Some papers print their rumours as if they’ve got insider coverage of it all. I honestly believe Shay will be at Newcastle for the rest of the season.

Joe Kinnear has repeadedly said that he doesn’t want to sell Shay and I think if they were to, it would have to be for a BIG sum of money to apease fans as we’re getting a lot of emails now saying “If it’s under £10 million, they’ll be war, etc.”.

With the end of January approaching rapidly, I’m sure we haven’t seen the end of this yet.

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  1. Yanni on

    Please stay… Don’t leave newcastle!!! Newcastle needs you more than Man City!!!

  2. Man City are not proven. If Shay does go, surely it would be to a proven team? Please stay Shay ? 🙂

  3. geordiebhoy on

    everyone wants shay to stay, he’s the best player the club has had for decades and his loyalty and service to the club to date has been fantastic, but can anyone blame him for being frustrated with the mess the club is in now. lets hope the clowns leave before shay decides to.

  4. Boy, that sure is going to be weird seeing Shay play for another team! Pretty gutted if he definitely leaves!


  5. Victoria on

    Shay DONT GO, not that anyone would blame you if you did, you are a true gent and its been a pleasure having you play for us, I’ll miss u

  6. Luke Fisher on

    it is an insult to think that he could go for less than 10 million!! he is the reason newcastle will stay up this season!! he has to stay!!!

  7. Ive been a fan of man city AND Shay Given as long as i can remember, if Shay would join city it would be a dream come true.
    A keeper of such caliber should play with a good defence (which city have, if you dont count richard dunne as a part of the equation).

    Please Shay go to Manchester, we need you!