WOW!!! 2:0 against Aston Villa, YIPPEEEEE!!!

From bottom of the Premiership to 14th place in one game goes to show how tight things are. In fact another 3 points would catapult Newcastle even into probably the top 8. MAD or what. Aston Villa started brightly and Shay had to be at his best to get a shot saved inside the first 20 minutes, which would’ve given Aston Villa an early lead and loads of confidence to get something out of the game. The gaffer’s team talk to get Martins to be more selfish paid off and hopefully he can maintain his ‘selfish’ form giving him a return of 2 goals. Well done Newcastle. Well done to the fans too who Martin O’Neil credited as being the ‘extra’ factor in the game. They really are the 12th man. It’s not just jimmerish.

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