Should’ve been a three (3) pointer

When Newcastle went down to 10-men after only 17 minutes, you kind of think “Oh no, it’s over as a contest” but you have to give a LOT of credit to the fight they put up to even go 2:1 up in the second-half and almost held on for all three points. When the game was over I thought … “I can’t believe this, we should have had all three points” which would’ve been an amazing result given the fact that only 10 Newcastle guys were playing. Shay had his usual share of the game, saving (perhaps contender for save of the season?) a great shot from Stephen Ireland that would’ve given Man City a tremendous lift but he kept it out and I thought perhaps that was the lift the team needed to know, “Nothings coming in here tonight”. It seemed to be a moments lapse in concentration at the back to leave Stephen Ireland alone with nothing but a poke in against Shay. I’m sure the Newcastle dressing room will feel upbeat and robbed of 2 points. Oh for what it’s worth, it wasn’t a penalty either nor a sending off, so fair play to Newcastle for getting something out of this game.

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