Steve Harper gives his thoughts ahead of the game

“We are an easy target at the minute – people talk about 11 or 12 players wanting to leave. I have been in that dressing room for a long time, but recently I have not heard one person say they want to leave this club. We are in a difficult position at the minute which a result on Wednesday night would lift us out of…

“We are a small tight-knit squad and I have got to pay tribute to Chris Hughton, Richard Money and Paul Barron in the circumstances they are really working hard and doing a fantastic job to lift the lads. But we have got experienced characters in there and there is no splits in the camp, no rumblings of people wanting to leave – that is nonsense to be honest.

“We have got some big players who have seen a lot of things. It’s up to the older players to express to the younger lads that we are professional footballers and it is important not to get caught up in anything that’s going on because it’s got nothing to do with us. I have been here more than half my life, so I consider myself one of the fans because I have watched quite a few games from the best seat in the house. I have seen them doing the conga topless round the city centre and seen them venting their frustration and baying for blood. They pay their money, so they are entitled to turn up, not turn up, come in late, support, protest, whatever they want to do. They are a powerful bunch and there’s a lot of them, but they are a fantastic support. In an ideal world it would all be sorted but the situation is what it is and we can’t affect it. We just have to go out and do our job.”

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