Shay shows his class to keep Ireland in points

Trappatoni said: “When you come away it’s important not to lose. All of the performances were good but Shay Given saved us. He had a big save after the ball had hit off another player but we didn’t have other difficult situations.”Shay said of the save “The shot was going to my right and I was going to save it then it hit somebody … John O’Shea, I think. The ball started moving to my left. I had to scamper across to get something on it and thankfully I got to it.”

It took a remarkable save from Shay towards the end of the game with Montenegro to stop them running off with all three points. Shay was going in one direction when the ball too a deflection and he was able to get himself onto the other side again and get the ball around the post. Surely Shay is currently at his very best again. We think he might be better than he was before as he was always playing with niggling groin trouble, etc. Now he seems he can get on with being what he is, a top-class goalkeeper! Course we’re as biased as you can get but judging by the emails we receive, there’s are thousands who agree with us! 🙂

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