Shay’s thoughts about the Georgia win

“I’m delighted we won the game, though a bit annoyed that they scored a goal and we’re lucky that it didn’t cost us some points. In the past, late goals cost us points which stopped us from qualifying, so it’s good that we came away with the win.
“It is frustrating that we conceded but on the other hand we know that we defended well enough to limit them to a handful of chances, hardly any, in fact.”

“If you’d asked us before the game if we’d take a 2-1 win we’d have been delighted with that, so the main thing is that we won and got the points on board.

“I had a quiet game before the goal, I didn’t have much to do at all, the lads in front of me played really well and defended superbly, I don’t think I had a shot to save before they got the goal, and I’m a bit annoyed that I didn’t keep a clean sheet. But they’re a decent side, Georgia, they have some good players.”

“I think it could be a good campaign for us, we have some great players in the squad. I know that we could be hit if we have some injuries or suspensions as we don’t have the biggest squad in the world, but we have decent players, most of us are playing in the Premiership.”

“We’re doing well at the minute, unbeaten under the new manager and we now have a good win under our belts. It’s down to a few issues, not just one thing, but the manager is a factor.

“What the manager has instilled in us is that the result is the most important thing. Had we won 1-0, 5-0 or 5-4 against Georgia, the only thing that really matters is how the table looks the next day, and the table today shows that we have three points from one game. He’s said it to us all along and just before the game he stressed it to us again, that the result was the main thing so we’re delighted with the win.”

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